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Anyone can benefit from music therapy. Like a gym is a place to refresh or exercise, a music therapy session can be an oasis to take care of your emotion, mind, spirit and soul by consciously reaching out for the power of music.
Music therapy session can be a psycho therapy, a process of self-exploration, physical rehabilitation purpose, treatment for handicapped children, etc. The style and technique will vary. It can look like a piano lesson, while music works as a tool to get into a meditative state of consciousness.

Atsuko Nadata recieved training as a professional pianist at Toho College of Music in Tokyo, and received a MA in Music Therapy from New York University Graduate School of Education.
She finished Bony Method Guided Imagery and Music class work at Creative Art Institute, MARI and Reiki training level II.  
She is currently studying in Grief Counseling Ph.D program at Brayer University.
Her working experiences as a music therapist include internships at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and New York Foundling Hospital, volunteer work at a pre-school for hearing impaired children and a short term psychiatric ward at Woodholl Hospital, as well as numerous private and group sessions in New York and Tokyo.
She practices private music therapy sessions at her office and also belongs to Beacon hospice and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Hospice demention. 
She is a certified grief counselor.


GIM session participants say:

 “I really enjoyed the music therapy session. It was such a unique and relaxing experience, unlike anything I have experienced before. The whole process stirred my creativity and imagination in a way I haven't experienced in a long time.”


"It's great way to explore inside you. I discovered more my hope, direction as well as my hidden fear. Thank you"